Momma Moments

First Family Christmas

Today is a different kind of Christmas, for our little family.  Two years ago, I celebrated Christmas with my siblings and parents.  Last year, I celebrated with a husband.  This year, I celebrated with a daughter in our first house.  This Christmas was Kaylee’s first Christmas with us.

Out little girl is barely one year yet: too young to do any fun Christmas traditions, too young to partake in the joy of opening presents, too young to remember what this day will be like.  I watched my little girl play on the floor with the wrapping paper, and remembered how excited I was to open presents when I was younger.  I remembered how I’d get so impatient because we had ENDLESS things to do before we could open our presents!  We had to wait for Mom or Dad to set up the video camera, we had to listen to the Christmas story being read out loud.  We had to sing happy birthday to baby Jesus.  All these things were all very good, and all these things I treasure now.

What traditions will our little family make as the years go on?  What will Kaylee remember about the holiday season?  Oh the joys of being a new mother and looking at your growing baby girl while imagining the endless holiday fun that she will have for years to come!

This year we had the privilege of having Harold’s side of the family over to our little house for Christmas dinner.  It was such a joy to cook for them and to have a home we could share with others for the holiday.  What a blessed day God has made for us today.

Now, the day is done.  Pictures were taken, and our first Christmas has come to an end.  My heart is bittersweet.  I smile behind tears.  This day will never come back.  Kaylee will not have another first Christmas, but she will have many more Christmas’s to celebrate.  This day can’t be redone, but it can happen again…next year. It was a wonderful day, one that I will remember, even if Kaylee cannot quite yet.  Someday, she will have memories of her own, and she will experience the joys that I do right now of having her first family Christmas.

So from our little family to yours, I hope and pray that God blessed your day, however it was spent.  I hope that memories were made today that bring a smile to your face for years to come, and if a few tears come as well it’s okay.  It just means they were really good memories.  =)

God bless.  I love you all.

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