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Essential Oil Carpet Freshener

Life with a little baby crawling all over the floor is such a joy!  It is so fun to see how fast she is getting and how curious she is about our world.  It wasn’t til about a month after we moved in to our new home that I got down on Kaylee’s level and smelled the carpet that she had been moving and playing on.  Kaylee has never seemed to have a problem with the left over dog smell of the carpet, but it was something I didn’t want to have her playing in!

Harold and I agree that a shampoo job for the carpets is in order, but until then, I was given this great idea from my sister!  Her discovery was done with Stress Away, and she also used Purification to freshen the carpet in her vehicle!

I recently did this with Thieves, and after you vacuum up the baking soda it really does freshen up the room a bit!

First, grab yourself a shaker.  You can use a simple salt and pepper shaker, or if you want to cover more territory you may need to get yourself a bigger one of some sorts.  I used a salt/pepper shaker.

Second, fill it with baking soda.

Third, add your EO of choice!  I prefer to use some with antibacterial qualities, but you can choose one that you just want your carpet to smell like.  =)

Next, sprinkle the mixture over your carpet and let sit for a few minutes.  (I did for 10 minutes or so)

After that, grab the vacuum cleaner and get yourself cleaning!

My husband got his face in the carpet to play with Kaylee after I cleaned it like this, and he told me he could tell a difference in the way the carpet smelled.  Not only that, but the living room smelled like Thieves!

There you have it!  A simple do-it-yourself (DIY) freshening solution for carpets.  You will come to know very shortly that baking soda is one of my favorite things in the kitchen!  It is so amazing, and I have found some pretty cool cleaning uses for it around the house!

Happy cleaning!




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