Momma Moments

Happy New Year!

It’s happened again, that time when you have to reteach your brain and your hand to write a new year at the end of every check you write.  Where has the time gone?

All week, Harold and I were wanting to have a bum-around-pajama day.  Well, today, we got it.  We did nothing but play Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and play with Kaylee.  We didn’t go anywhere.  We started 2016 doing something we hardly ever do…nothing.  And it felt great!

On our day of doing nothing, we had lots of time to think and talk.  I reflected on how last year at this time, I was about halfway through my pregnancy with Kaylee.  I was directing our drama Mime for the first time here, and full of uncertainty in many areas.  Could I direct a mime while pregnant?  After Kaylee came, what would our lives look like?  Would I be a good mother?  Would I really know what to do?  How would that affect my marriage?  Would I still give Harold the quality time and love that he craves from me?  Would I have the energy to handle the load that 2015 was bringing?

And then after Kaylee came and was becoming more mobile, we bought a house!  Our finances changes drastically!  How was this going to shape our lives?  How was living in Readlyn going to change our involvement in Waverly?

Long story short, God was good THE WHOLE TIME.  Obviously, He would be good no matter what, but we saw God’s goodness.  He blessed us with a strong and healthy daughter that is very easy to love.  He blessed us with a home that was waiting for us to snatch up, suited for us.  He blessed us with continued involvement with Grace Baptist Church.  He blessed us with support and confidence to be the parents Kaylee needs.  God’s hand was over our 2015, and we have no doubt He will be over our 2016.

The difference between this year and last year is that we are not anticipating any big changes.  There are no real uncertainties, nor are there any events we are waiting to unfold.  Harold and I are sitting at 2016 with no idea of what God will be doing for us, and that’s kinda exciting.  We have the usual things that happen in life, but nothing life changing (that we are aware of).

Things come and go.  I am reminded (by myself and Harold) that you get to live today once.  I only get one shot at taking pictures of Kaylee for her first Christmas and New Year’s.  The pictures I forget to take, I don’t get another chance to take them.  The times I get to play on the floor with her, I won’t get those back years from now.  The quiet nights talking and sharing my heart with my husband…they become few and far between if we are not careful.  All this to say, I won’t get another shot at 2015.  What happened has happened.  I can’t change what has been, but I can be fully present now so that when the future comes, I have many fond memories to look back on…and with a tearful smile I can bravely say the words, “No regrets.”

Have a blessed 2016 everyone.  God bless.  I love you all.

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