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It’s Monday!  Going to start the week with another good tip that I’ve grown to love and use quite often!

But first, a side thought…when I talk about essential oils in person, I tend to lean more on the “supplemental” benefits: they help me maintain healthy digestion, detox, provide my body with the aid it needs to be healthy, etc.  However, when I spread the word, I find that I have been neglecting my peers by failing to talk about what else Young Living provides for products.

So, here is my powerhouse, toxin free, cleaning product from Young Living: Thieves Household Cleaner!

Thieves household cleaner is a toxin free concoction that includes the Thieves blend (Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Cinnamon Bark).

The cleaner itself is a highly concentrated solution, and really you only need cap fulls most of the time when you’re mixing to make specific cleaners for around the house.

General ratios are found directly on the bottle, but they include:

Most Cleaning Applications — 30 parts water (distilled is best) to 1 part Cleaner

Heavy Degreasing — 15 parts water to 1 part Cleaner

Light Degreasing — 50 parts water to 1 part Cleaner

Glass — 50-100 parts water to 1 part Cleaner

In my picture I have DIY cleaners that I used the Thieves Household Cleaner in.  The first one is my all-purpose cleaner.  It is always on my counter, ready to use for Kaylee spit-ups on the floors**, counter spills, stove-top stick-ons, you name it!  It goes in the bathroom with me, kitchen, living room…it’s wonderful!  Plus I really like the smell afterwards!

**It is recommended that you test a small spot of your carpet and furniture to make sure the Thieves Cleaner does discolor your fabric**

Second, I made a bathroom scrub.  It’s mostly just baking soda (love it!) and the Thieves Cleaner.  I wanted to try a small batch, so what I did was take about 1/2 cup of baking soda, and I just added enough cleaner to make it a paste.  This is what I use in my shower!  I had some gross mold growing in my shower, and I used the cleaner to scrub it off!

The Thieves Cleaner can replace a lot of your cleaning products around the house, and I’m experimenting a little more to see what all this cleaner can do!  I’ve been told that the cleaner can be used as a laundry detergent, dish soap, fabric softener, etc.  I haven’t ventured out that far yet.  =)  (even though there is already a laundry detergent and dish soap on the Thieves Cleaning line with Young Living)

It will be exciting to see what else this little bottle can do!

Keep striving and thriving for a better, healthier you!

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