Momma Moments

Unintentional Accountability

Yesterday I pondered something as I was eating breakfast with my little baby girl…I don’t normally make time to sit and eat a good breakfast at the table.  When it’s just me, I just grab and go…and it wasn’t very consistently either.  Even lunches weren’t that consistent if I wasn’t obligated to take a lunch break while working.

Now that Kaylee is starting to eat solids more, I am having a great time setting aside time to plan out a little meal for both of us and enjoy it together.  I wanted to plant meal time into Kaylee’s head, but I didn’t realize she was doing the same for me.

When we find accountability partners, we find people who can remind us of what our goals are and encourage us to keep trucking on!  It’s a wonderful thing, and we all need to find accountability in one thing or another.  However, we usually don’t look for accountability in a baby.


Part of me wanting to be healthier is having good meals at regular times.  Kaylee actually gives me more reason to set that aside and do it.  Besides, eating with that little girl is SO much fun!

(excuse the bib…she was really only 7 months in this picture)  😉IMG_0573


So without her realizing it, Kaylee is really my little accountability buddy when it comes to eating.  I want her to enjoy meal time, and by doing so I have to provide it for her.  I am also challenged by how I eat…because this girl eats whatever I do I need to be careful that I give her enough of what she needs.  I want to do the best I know how for her.  That’s why I got into Young Living Essential Oils.  To me, I was convinced that this was a tool I could use to offer Kaylee a safe home and a healthy Mommy.

I also find my spiritual accountability most in her as well.  I confess…I am TERRIBLE at setting aside time for myself and God with devotions.  I just want to spend time with my girl.  When nap times happen, then I am either sitting with her or doing promotions/chores/catching up on people.

(I don’t encourage anyone to make excuses about their devotion time slacking.  I hope that is not what I am doing…it is crucial and I need to balance that out still. )

Now you read the sentences above together and ask “Kat, she’s not helping you at all with your spiritual accountability!!”  Eh….true…but hold one…

I also want Kaylee to grow up knowing I love God.  I want her to know that I choose to follow and trust in Him throughout my life.  My actions around her are being watched and absorbed.  She is learning what I do, what I say, how I treat people.  I don’t always remember this, but when I do I am ALWAYS brought to tears.  I make sure I pray with her.  I make sure I sing worship songs to her.  I make sure I let her know that I need God, and so does she.  I want her to know that God needs to be a priority…and I don’t remember that as much as I should.  However, every time I look at Kaylee, I can’t help but praise God.

As God works on me and continues to pursue me, I pray that if God needed to break me to bring me closer to Him, that He wouldn’t do it through hurting the ones closest to me.  I pray for mercy on their hearts while God does His work on me.  As I said, I am moved to tears every time I think about that.

I am so blessed to have this little girl.  She is 8 months old today!  When I talk about her to people, all I can offer is praises (and sometimes her stubbornness when it comes to nap times).  I watch her grow up, and this girl will be one that I will reflect on her baby days with tears, wishing I had those back.  :’)  I am excited to see what this girl is going to accomplish in years to come, and I hope she can still be my accountability partner in one way or another as long as God allows.


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