Momma Moments

I’m Glad I’m Home

I did not get a chance to write my weekly Oil Update/Recipe/Fun Fact because I got to be a temporary full-time worker again at the Western Home, doing what I used to do before Kaylee blessed us with her appearance.

I have to admit, I LOVED being back.  I loved seeing the faces of everyone again and working with the awesome people that make that job worth while.  I missed being there.

I was a good worker there, but I wasn’t a good Mom, or I didn’t feel like it.  For over 8 months I was home all day, watching my little girl taking new milestones like a champion.  I thought to myself how much of that I would have missed if I worked 8 hours a day all the time again.

I know mothers who can do this.  I really have respect for them.  It probably wouldn’t be as hard if I committed to full-time work after a maternity leave.  However, after staying home for so long and seeing how much I would love it, the transition to working again would be much harder.

I had asked Harold his thoughts after my few days of working.  “Is it better to come home to a wife that’s not been working all day?”  Harold’s response was “It’s nice to have a wife that’s not mentally preparing for the next day while I’m home.”  I’m a better wife for Harold here at home as well.  Sure, I bet in time I would adjust to being a working mother.  But since God has given me this blessing to be able to stay home, why shouldn’t I just embrace it?

Sometimes I feel lazy.  Other times I feel overjoyed and blessed.  In the long run, I’m just glad that I can really raise my daughter.  I can see the milestones first hand when they happen.  I know by daughter better at home.  I would miss about 9 hours of her day for 5 days of the week.  That means for the first year, I only get her for an hour or two 5 days of the week before she needs to go to bed.  Only 2 hours to pour my love into this girl.  I’m sorry, but I personally need more time than that.  My heart really yearns for that, so I’m glad I can be here.

If I needed to, I would work.  But I don’t.  =)  I can stay home and do part-time random things to help with finances as needed.  I can work from home on my hours.  I embrace this life, and I wouldn’t change it.  It’s what my family needs from me.

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