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You CAN Beat the Heat!/Lent Challenge

Happy Monday everyone!  As per usual, I’m posting my Monday blog post today.  This time, I want to give you one fun (and very beneficial) oil tip I just discovered on my double date for Valentine’s Day, and then share with you my Lent Challenge and what I ask of you all during this time before Easter.

But first, my oily tip:

The group of us went to East Bremer Diner for a nice dinner and fellowship together.  I personally am partial to their wraps…I end up rotating between the Buffalo Chicken wrap and their Pork wrap.  Both very tasty!  Highly recommended!

This time, I ordered my Buffalo Chicken wrap…and it was HOTTER than I remembered.  My lips were burning before I was halfway done with it!  Surely that would never do, so I pulled out something to try.  Since Peppermint has such an exhilarating cooling effect, I wondered if it would put out the fire in my mouth.  Guess what?  It did!  I got to eat the rest of my wrap with minimal heat.  All I did was rub my finger over the top of the bottle, and then rub my lips and lick my finger off.  I was so excited!  I got to enjoy the rest of my evening with my wonderful husband and the other couple that was with us with little to no fire in my mouth.  What a relief!

Now, I want to share something with you all and my request for those that read this.  We are in the season of Lent.  Some of us practice Lent, others don’t, and others choose to remember Lent a little differently.  A friend challenged his friend group to not only take away something for Lent, but in fact to replace with something else.  He chose to write on his blog every day of Lent.  It caused him to be in the Word more so he had something to blog about.  My challenge this year is to bring myself back to a constant state of worship, to get my fingers on my guitar or piano and fill my heart with a desire for my God.  To do this, I am going to learn a total of 40 songs before Easter (1 for each day of Lent).  To do this, I need 40 new songs that I don’t already know (well less now).  I can look online and find songs by familiar artists, but it would be way awesome to hear what you all enjoy to worship to.  I may have heard a song you suggest, but if I am not able to play it and lead it in a worship set I’ll add it to my list and learn it before Easter.

Think you can help me with that?  I will try to have you hold me accountable by me sharing what songs I’ve learned each week.  I probably would tag that on with my weekly oily blog post.  (which is now a combination of what amazing things have happened during the week…I find that I just would blog too much if I tried to write down Mommy Moments AND Devotional thoughts AND Oily Tips…so, I may end up posting weekly “newsletters”.  We will see how this pans out!!each week may be a little different)

Thank you friends!  I hope you can use this tip to enjoy your favorite spicy dishes with more ease, and find a way to remember Christ during this Lent season.

Whether it’s spiritually, physically, emotionally, or all the above…keep striving and thriving!

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