Essential Oils Recipes

Let’s Get Cooking!

I don’t know about you, but when people talk about essential oils, we mostly hear of the following things: overall wellness, therapeutic grade, wholesale memberships (discounts!)…we sometimes talk about ways of application (aromatic, topical, dietary).  Eventually we get to show individuals what those actually look like in everyday life.  It’s hard to tell a newcomer EVERYTHING about the oils, because there is so much, and I will probably spend a lifetime learning more about what they can do and how they can help me pursue my wellness goals.

For right now, I’m going to give you a peak into my kitchen and show you just a handful of the oils I keep in my cabinets.  Trust me, there are MUCH more than I have on hand.  Remember, I’m a rookie trying to make a home run in the first season of my career!

A majority of these oils are also ground spices that you would normally cook and bake with, so it’s pretty easy to assume how you can use these in the kitchen.  Here is my list, and how I’ve used them before:

Orange:  Want to try an Orange Chicken recipe?  Instead of adding the orange zest, drop a couple drops of oil in there and mix it well.  You can also put this in a homemade frosting for added flavor.

Lemon: I have done this on chicken as well.  I have a Lemon Poppyseed Chicken recipe that I use a couple drops lemon oil and let my chicken soak in it after I’ve cooked my chicken and cut it up.  I also use this oil when making homemade cough drops.  Not to mention, it’s great on fish too!

Ginger: I haven’t gone crazy with Ginger in cooking, but I mostly use this in chicken dishes as well.  Especially if I’m going for an Asian twang.

Nutmeg: Holidays anybody??  Use this one if you have a favorite holiday treat that required Nutmeg.  Remember, it doesn’t take much to get the flavor!

Black Pepper: Anything you need flavor to.  Honestly.  I use this in soups, gravies, meats, anything that you want to give a little kick to.  It doesn’t take much!  1-2 drops goes a long way!

Peppermint:  From hot chocolate to cookies to flavored coffee!  If you have found that you enjoy the cooling sensation of Young Living’s Peppermint EO, then you know the “power” of Peppermint can take over and transform anything you want to add it to.  Replace your peppermint extract with the real deal and see how your baked goodies are transformed!

There are many other oils that I could name from my collection, and down the road I hope to do some cooking/baking that involved taking pictures so I can share those masterpieces with you as well!  For right now, this will have to do.  It gives you plenty of time to indulge!

If you want to get serious about cooking, I’ll direct you to Young Living’s new line up of oils!  They are Vitality Oils.  Same amazing stuff, just a different name and appearance to them so that there is no question about if ingesting is safe.  You also get a chance to purchase some of your oils in 5ml instead of 15ml bottles.  Sometimes it’s nice to purchase a smaller bottle in case you don’t like it so much.

And to change the mood a bit, my last post explained my Lent Challenge.  Here are my songs I’ve been learning:

  1. At the Cross (Love Ran Red) by Chris Tomlin
  2. I Surrender by Hillsong
  3. Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young and Free
  4. Let It Be Jesus by Chris Tomlin
  5. After All by David Crowder
  6. Here’s My Heart by David Crowder
  7. Spirit of God by Sovereign Grace
  8. Oh What Love by The City Harmonic
  9. Into Your Arms by The City Harmonic
  10. Come and Fill This Place by Al Denson
  11. Glorious Day by Casting Crowns
  12. Overcome by Jeremy Camp
  13. Touch the Sky by Hillsong UNITED

Have a blessed day!  Keep striving and thriving in all areas of your life!


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