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Oil-Infused Parfaits

Yes, you know it.  Breakfast foods are my favorite, and being able to make simple ones as snacks is even better.  This seems pretty easy, right?  Choose a yogurt, fruit, and granola (or crushed nuts).  Pretty simple parfait recipe normally.  However, here are my recommendations that I accumulated (mostly from my baby girl’s pediatrician when I get lectured on eating fats) 😉

  1. Get real yogurt.  Don’t just grab that vanilla-low-fat stuff.  Plain is the way to go, and get all the fat you can get.  That added sugar kills the natural bacteria cultures that make yogurt so good.  And that fat is also known better by your body so it will process easier than you may think.  If you are active or striving to be, give your body the good fats it is craving.
  2. Use natural sugar as your sweetener.  Go for the honey and fruits to add flavor to your yogurt.  I tell you it’s just as good and probably better.
  3. If you want to flavor your yogurt, well, that’s why I’m telling you to add the oils.  =)

Now that your cupboard and fridge has what you need, pick an oil that you think would give you that flavor to enhance your parfait. My recommendations…anything citrus.  Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Citrus Fresh…you name it.  I went with Orange in my snack this morning.

 Keep in mind that the oil alone probably won’t taste the greatest.  Some of you may be content with just that, but I need to add a little something to give the sweetness to my flavor.   Remember to use natural sweeteners. 

In my parfait, I used frozen mango pieces that I  cut up and stored in the freezer.  I put 1/2 cup of plain yogurt in a dish, added 2 drops of Orange EO, added my honey and topped it with Mango chunks and granola.


There you have it!  A sweet and decadent little treat that’s full of the good stuff your body can use more efficiently to get you through your day.

And as promised in previous posts, here are my worship songs from last week:
14 Cling to Christ by Sovereign Grace
15 Be Still, My Soul by Kari Jobe
16 Boldly I Approach by Rend Collective
17 Lay Me Down by Rush of Fools
18 Days of Elijah by Robin Mark
19 You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music
20 Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship

As Easter approaches, keep striving and thriving!  Love you all!

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