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Be Slow To Speak

I am doing something different this week. Sorry, no oily tip…just a personal observance and conviction. A lot of what I have seen on my newsfeed recently are articles/videos/memes stating political opinions, especially why we should not vote for Mr. Trump.  As I tend to agree with the content (and have done my share of posting) I read on to the comments after the opinion was written….and many times I don’t see anything factual about most of the responses from Trump supporters.  Those people explode in a heap of rage, defending not only their choice but their intellegence (sometimes sounding not-so-intellegent) and retaliate by attacking their opposition in the same way they feel attacked. Clearly, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry.

I am not posting this to say anything other than, let’s try something different.

A good friend of mine is a youth leader at my church, and he decided to go through a video series called “The Reason For God” during our Wednesday night high school study for a few weeks. The idea of this video involves a pastor on panel with non-christians and asking them tough questions about Christianity that have led to many make-or-break decisions on why to accept or oppose the religion. It is fantastic by the way. Highly recommend it.

The reason this series is so great is not for the facts given, in my opinion (although he has very good points). It’s how this pastor has handled the whole discussion. He asked his question, sat back, kept his mouth shut, and listened. Each person freely explained their opinion, and NOT ONCE did he make them feel condemned or stupid for their views. In fact, the pastor, Tim Keller, shared his side as if it was another viewpoint to the discussion and not the final, definate answer (we as Christians feel it is, but you arguing with someone who smells the Gospel differently will not win them over…most of the time).

I share this because this is what I see on my newsfeed…”Trump supporters are stupid.” Forgive me, I know I have done this too. I have posted things to make my Trump-supporting friends feel that I view them as “inferior.” It needs to stop!

Not just with politics, not just religion, but EVERYTHING THAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT US. We need to learn to step back, listen to another brain explain why they feel/think that way, and without judgement or name calling share our side.

Friends, I can’t do this, and neither can you…but GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD. I fail, and I am probably seeming hypocritical for posting this…but I am a hypocrite, and that’s why I need Christ to change me everyday. I am not a Christian to put myself up higher so I can look down on everyone not sharing my views. I am a Christian because I need Christ. I am not perfect. I need Christ. I can’t have all the answers. I need Christ. I am a sinner, and I NEED CHRIST.

Please consider this idea during election season when you feel like most of America is not being understanding to the needs of this country. Please consider this the next time you feel offended by an outspoken friend or family member with different view points than you. Please consider asking why someone does not see Christ as you do instead of condemning. We can change that personally, starting with our own heart. We need to start working together instead of against each other.

We need Christ!

This is probably my number 1 go-to song when I gotta set myself right with God.  I am sharing, hoping that you will offer this as your prayer as well.

Thank you for reading. As always, keep striving and thriving for a better you, in ALL areas. Love you all.

PS my weekly list for my Lent challenge:

  • 21- Holy (Wedding Day) by The City Harmonic
  • 22- In The Valley by Sovereign Grace
  • 23-Holy One by Rush of Fools
  • 24-Brokenness Aside by All Sons and Daughters
  • 25-You Alone Can Rescue by Matt Redman
  • 26-Help Me To Love by Danny Daniels
  • 27-We Come To Humble Ourselves by Brian Doerksen

2 thoughts on “Be Slow To Speak”

  1. Thanks Kat, this was very helpful in the way I’ve been feeling! Something you would think I would have known.. I’ve read this several times, but still have a hard time keeping quiet.
    Also love this song so thanks again.
    May God look over you and your family.
    Love Mary


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