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Ylang Ylang

What??  Ylang ylang.  What in the world is that?

Also known as Cananga odorata, the ylang ylang tree produces very fragrant flowers. Originally, these flowers didn’t start fragrant.  Over time, they became such.  These flowers start in bloom at a green color, matching the surrounding leaves.  As it gets closer to maturity, the flowers begin to turn a darker yellow hue before falling off the tree.  The tree itself grows rather quick, and because of that it can be weaker than most trees.  It could however grow as close as 8 feet to structures and pavement.

The ylang ylang flower was chosen in combination with others (jasmine and rose) to create the idea scent for a women’s perfume.   (Source —>

Ylang ylang was an essential oil that I tried recently, and honestly I think this is my favorite smelling oil yet!  To me it is so refreshing and soothing, and it helps me to gain control of my emotions much easier.  It is a key ingredient to the Joy Essential Oil blend that Young Living produces, and probably the reason why I love the smell of that blend too!


What can you expect from this oil other than it’s fragrant and refreshing scent?  It also does wonders in promoting a healthy circulatory system.

Ylang ylang is also part of many of Young Living’s skin and hair products.  It has been used to promote thick, shiny, and lustrous hair.  It could help with split ends.  You could also use this to soothe insect bites.

Just as the blend Joy indicates, ylang ylang can help to bring about a calming sense of joy and combat possible anger and rage and even low-self esteem.  It’s hard to explain how that really works…but the best way I can describe it is that sometimes as a woman, I feel out of control with my emotions.  I react WAY too much, and harbor hurtful thoughts more than I should.  I find it very hard to redirect from those thoughts at times, even when I want to.  Oils such as Ylang ylang and Joy help make it easier for me to try to redirect, rather than just sit in the anger and keep feeding it.

My recommendations for you for Ylang ylang, is to use it in homemade products to promote relaxation for yourself.  Use it in your bath products, such as bath bombs or homemade body washes.  Here is a good bath bomb recipe if you want to try it out.  I made a back massage oil because the scent is so relaxing. You could even just add a few drops to your bath water with epsom salt.  Simplicity is bliss!

Honestly, Ylang ylang smells like Spring.  That fresh floral scent is just what we need as we watch all those buds sprouting again and getting ready to bloom.  If that’s the sort of thing that you find “Joy” and delight in, you should consider getting that oil.  It works wonders!

Now it’s my weekly song update.  Some of these I have heard before and I came across a hymn album where a chorus was added to the hymns.  Not sure if that fully counts as a “new” song, but it’s great reflection.  Never hurts to go back to the goodies!

  • 35-Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin
  • 36- Worn by Tenth Avenue North
  • 37- Lead Me to the Cross by
  • 38-Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus
  • 39-It Is Well (Oh My Soul) by Brandon Heath
  • 40-Blessed Assurance (My King is Coming) by Matthew West
  • 41- Holy Holy Holy (God With Us) by Matt Maher

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