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Body Blasting and “Cool Down”

I finally did it.  I got real with my workout.  I had told my husband I needed to for some time.  I had been beating around the bush too long, going light and not feeling as satisfied when I got finished.  I finally got the workout I wanted.  I did a pyramid  workout with squats, push ups, and sit ups.  If you aren’t familiar with a pyramid workout, here is what it looks like:

1 squat, 1 push up, 1 sit up

2 squats, 2 push ups, 2 sit ups

3 squats, 3 push ups, 3 sit ups

4 squats, 4 push ups, 4 sit ups

So on and so forth until you get to 10 (or whatever number you want to go to).  Once you do 10 of each, you start descending down until you get to 1 again.  It’s really a great workout.  You get a lot of reps done in the end.

So yes, I did that.  Which isn’t a problem with the sit ups and squats…but I can’t endure long sets of push ups to save my life right now.  After that, I did more workouts until it was time for Kaylee to get breakfast and take a nap.  I didn’t go long, but I went as hard and consistent as I could.  My body feels it now, and it will later for sure.  That is why I want to tell you what I do when I have a day that I feel “fat” and need a body blast…but my body wasn’t ready to be blasted.

I reach for Panaway.  Panaway is a blend that you can find in the PSK (Premium Starter Kit).  It consists of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint.  To me, it smells like Root Beer (very smooth).  However, this isn’t a blend I would suggest to diffuse.  This is a topical blend, and I love to use this after those intense workouts.  It’s very cooling to the muscles, and it helps to loosen up the tension after a longer and harder workout.

This blend is fairly strong, and could be used neat, but I only do that if I want FAST and POWERFUL results.  Otherwise, I have put a few drops in about 1/2 cup of carrier oil and make a rub to put over my muscles when they need a little help.

Panaway is also great to use in a roller for deep relief.  You can make your own to take with you on a jog to place on areas of tension while you’re burning those calories.  You can add more Wintergreen or Peppermint for enhanced strength if desired.

The smell for me is really helpful in the fact that it creates a calming atmosphere so that my muscles can unwind while I emotionally do the same!

So now that the weather is getting nicer, we are all starting to get out of the house more and get ourselves moving!  I encourage you to do that if you haven’t already.  My daughter and I took a trip to the library this afternoon where I sat down to do this blog today.  She is loving the change of scenery, and I’m loving watching her!  I am hoping that maybe we can make this a weekly thing.  =)

Find a good excuse to get out of the house today and enjoy the lovely weather.  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s just another way to keep yourselves “striving and thriving!”

Thank you for reading.  Love you all!

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