Momma Moments


Ever have one of those posts that you write, and then delete, and then rewrite, and then delete again…and then talk about something COMPLETELY different and post that instead?  Yeah, that’s this post.

I haven’t posted recently, mainly because I have wanted to sit back and ponder what I am really doing with this blog…actually what I am doing with social networking in general.  I am afraid that I am becoming that annoying salesperson that no one wants anything to do with…or so it seems.  I want to be an oil encourager, but at the same time I don’t want to be an oil-fanatic that people want to steer clear from and unfollow/unfriend.  I feel like I have pushed the boundary, and I am sorry if I have done so with any of you readers.

That being said, I want to keep letting you know that I am still making my lifestyle with Young Living oils.  Me using the oils is not a sale’s pitch…it’s me living life.  Please don’t be offended if I use these oils as part of my life.  I believe these oils are beneficial, so just as someone offers a Tylenol or  other item out of concern, I may do the same.  It’s not a sale’s pitch…it’s me showing concern.

Besides, they make for great gatherings with other amazing people and a good excuse to throw a themed party!  It challenges me to branch out in areas of life that I normally hide from and grows me more as an individual.  It reminds me of my need for God.  If God wants to bless me in this endeavor, than He will.  My mind and heart need to be focused on His will and not my profit.  Yes, I have goals and reasons why I started this, but ultimately God will bring abundance if He so desires.  If not, I can’t fight against it.

It’s not my primary job anyway, being a mother is, and I need to remember that.  All these things are good things, but my main calling is to be a mother to Kaylee.  To nourish, discipline, instruct, encourage, educate, play with, cuddle…list goes on and on!

I need to soak this time up with her as much as I can.  She’s a mover, and she wants to keep busy!  She is already 11 months!  The time I get with her is gradually slipping away.  Snuggles don’t happen much with her, so I have set aside time where I choose to sit down during her naps and hold her while she sleeps.  She sleeps really well at night on her own, otherwise I may not do this as often.  It’s so peaceful to cuddle her at these times.  I hear her cute little baby breathing and feel her warmth on my lap.  I do multitask and find myself accomplishing certain things while she is sleeping, but the delight I have each time I look down on her innocent face is worth sitting on my bottom for an hour or two at a time.

The Lord has already blessed me abundantly, more than finances could ever buy me.  The journey we are all on together is going to get bumpy, and I may be the one causing most of the bumps!  Either way, I wouldn’t do the drive alone.

I’ve got a good family, and I’m thankful everyday for them.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.”  Phil. 4:4

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