Essential Oils Recipes

Shower Bomb Base/Outdoor Weed Spray

In a more recent post, I’ve shared a recipe for Shower Bombs.  Super handy, and wonderful to use when you need a more invigorating shower.  In these tablets, you add the oils in with your concoction and have it all ready to go.  Then I thought…what if I’m not in the mood for that scent when I want to use one in the shower?


So, it wasn’t rocket science, but I figured that you can make yourself a batch of odorless shower bombs and add the oil you want diffusing in your shower with you.  Again, not too difficult, basically take the recipe and remove the essential oils from it.  This is what you end up with:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/3 cup water

Mix together in a bowl and poor into 6 silicone containers.  Let it dry overnight or however long it takes.  DO NOT HANDLE UNTIL COMPLETELY DRIED OUT.

Store your blank tablets in a jar and add your desired oil to them when you’re in the mood for something special!


Next, I recently made myself a batch of this after I searched for a good and easy recipe off of my favorite source for DIY’s…PINTEREST!  It only takes 3 ingredients to make, and I’m impressed with the results!  No oils needed for this one exactly, but still an awesome tip I want to share with you all!


Weed Spray

  • 1 Gallon White Vinegar (The stronger the acidity, the faster it will work.  The results will be the same)
  • 2 Cups Salt (I used Epsom Salt, but you can use regular table salt)
  • 1/4 Cup Dish Soap

Again, I’m impressed.  I been going around and spraying weeds in my driveway first, and now I’ll be taking the concoction around the house!  It takes a little bit, but I can tell the weeds are dying.  It’s super exciting for me to see stuff like this kill those plants!  (oh come on, most of us don’t want those weeds around anyway)


Hope your day was fantastic!  Enjoy the tips, and keep striving and thriving!



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