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Equip Against an Army of Ants

Ants…ants…I despise ants.  Not because they are destructive (which they aren’t for the most part).  I just hate seeing them because it meant that I didn’t do a good job at cleaning like I wanted to.  Now, honestly, I know that no matter how much I clean I can’t always prevent them from finding some sweet treat to invite their family to gather up.  It still makes me feel like I need to step up my game with the cleaning supplies.

When I saw my counter and area by Kaylee’s high chair infested with these little critters, (okay, you can imagine why they came in the first place) I started some research to see what I could do before I had to go out and buy the poisons to control these pests.  You wouldn’t imagine the stuff you find on the internet.  I even saw this one guy suggest putting Peanut Butter out for the ants.  The reactions from everyone else were pretty priceless (“Are you mad??”)  You can make your own “Poisons” and pest control.  The key though is to either find and disrupt their trail, or make them bring back poison to their queen and kill them off that way.  Knowing that, you have two ways to get rid of these pests.  Now you just need to find the tools to get the job done.

I have a few that I liked, so I made a note of them.  However, I tried one thing and it seems to work pretty well.  I will share that one and then the others I thought could work if needed.

The first thing I did when I saw the ants was go into “kill mode.”  I killed the ones I could see right away…Whether that was to spray some Thieves cleaner on them or smash them with my fingers.  It’s probably not the most humane way, but I don’t want them making a home of my home.

After I did that, I thought I would take the route of deferring them from their trail.  I made a spray that consisted of Peppermint EO, Rubbing Alcohol, and water.  I put 2-3 Tbs of alcohol and 15-20 drops Peppermint in a smaller spray bottle (about 4 oz) and filled up the rest of the way with water.  I sprayed this where I noticed their trail, and in the areas where I felt they were coming in.  I did that one night, and the next morning I noticed only one little critter crawling on the counter when I got up.  I kept spraying and kept checking, and you will probably need to keep doing this for a few days at least.  I haven’t seen them form their line again yet, and even though a few ants still pop up, it’s much less than when I started this process.

If you want to try something else in a concoction, I’ve read that you can try Dawn Dish soap to spray on them.  The soap dissolves their exoskeleton and kills them that way (again, doesn’t sound humane).  They also don’t like vinegar.  Peppermint EO is one that you can try as well.  However, I wouldn’t recommend diffusing it alone.  It’s more effective if you spray it directly on areas of concern, or so I’ve noticed.

Going back to the peanut butter idea…if you’re attempts at differing them from their trail is not successful, then you can make your own poison and kill them off.  Here is something that I was going to try if my other attempts weren’t working.  You take your peanut butter and mix equal parts with Borax.  You don’t want to mix too much because you don’t want the ants suspecting it to be poison (if that even happens?? But better to be safe I guess) So the ants will take this back to their queen and they will eat it and die…or so goes the theory.  Probably not the best idea if you have pets in your home, unless you can find a way to keep them from getting to it.

Again, you have many options that you can look up yourself on the internet.  Or, you can just go with that you know works and buy those poisons from the store yourself.  For me personally, I want to avoid that if I can, and I don’t want them lying around with a very curious and mobile child.  That’s my preference anyway.

Here’s to conquering ant and bug season!  Best of luck!


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