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Top 10 Ways to Use Essential Oils

Over time, I’ve shared recipes that do hint at this a bit, but I thought I would help out some of you that are still wondering what you can even do with your oils!

So, this is my list of my favorite 10 uses for Essential Oils!  I hope you can get some inspiration for your own daily uses!

My Vitality Line


1) Cooking

This has probably been one of my most pursued methods to share on here anyway.  Now that Vitality has come out, there are so many possibilities!  You can do anything from cooking main dishes to creating decadent desserts and refreshing beverages!  It’s probably no surprise that I picked this one in my top 10.

2) General House Cleaning

Another one that you’re probably like “okay Kat, tell me something new.”  I will!  I assure you!  I posted things from scrubs to carpet fresheners, but I’ve also made a wood polish dusting spray with oils, natural bleach to add to laundry, add oil directly in with my laundry detergent, and much more!  I have this little booklet that has plenty of recipes to have a chemical free home, so you can be sure there will be more of those recipes coming your way!

3) Relaxation/Meditation

When I think of this one, I feel like we automatically go straight to diffusing.  Just put a good-smelling oil in the diffuser and let it fill up the air.  Yes…that’s a good method, but you can also use it topically as well.

Sometimes to relax and prepare for devotions, I will take an oil and put 3 drops on my hands.  I will rub my hands together 3 times and then cup my hands to my nose and breathe in 3 nice deep breaths.  Doing this along with devotions or my prayer life seems to prepare my heart better for the time I’m going to be spending with God.

4) Breathing

“Kat!  You just mentioned breathing in the last one!”  Yes, but different breathing.  =)

I will take an oil such as Lemon or RC and rub it on my chest before I go out for a good workout.  It helps to open up my chest better so that I can get deeper breaths while I work out.  It’s also helps to motivate me so I won’t chicken out!

5) Getting a Grip

For all you ladies out there…sometimes you just need help “getting a grip.”  I’m talking about those silly hormones that just don’t give you much of a fighting chance, and EVERYONE around you suffers for it.  I have a few oils I reach for in this instance, mainly my Joy blend!  Putting this behind my ears, over my heart, and in my necklace diffuser to wear with me really helps me to just get a grip!  It doesn’t make the ill-tempered feelings go away, but it makes it so I can choose more easily to receive Joy in my heart again.

Skin products

6) Skin Care

I posted a recipe for a face scrub I made, and absolutely love it!  I have a baby lotion for Kaylee as well as a sore-bottom butter.  I also have some bath soak concoctions to use when I want to soak in a bath.  There are also MANY recipes out there that include body washes, hair soaps, hair sprays…yeah.  Essential oils got the skin products covered pretty much.  The possibilities are endless!

Seasonal Products

7) Seasonal Concoctions

Each season has it’s own trials, so it’s beneficial to be ready for each season so your body can stay well above the wellness line!  Some examples of this is in concoction form is Bug Spray, Itch Stick, Seasonal Stick.   You can also give your immune system a good supportive boost by diffusing Thieves and/or putting it on the bottoms of your feet before bed.

8) Friend Gatherings

Using the oils to get friends together for parties is pretty nice!  If you enjoy oils and want friends over, but don’t want to lead the party yourself, let me know!  Don’t make excuses to keep friends from getting together and indulging together.

9) Odor Control

Diffusing this in the air is one way you would automatically think of cleansing the air of unwanted odors.  Another method I use is to put some cardboard or cotton balls in the lid and/or bottom of a trash can and put a few drops of an oil like Purification, Lemon, or Orange on that to help control odors. Each time I change the trash, I put a few more drops on.

Part of my cleaning routine is to also make my carpet cleaner, which consists of baking soda and any essential oil of my choice!  The recipe for that is right here.

You can also make a spray bottle with water and about 10 drops of oil and mist around to freshen up a less-than-lively room.


10) Motivation to Accomplish Goals

We have to be honest here…there is more going on in these oils than what most people think when they say “it’s all in your head.”  Part of a class I’m going to be doing later this month is going to be talking about how it’s not all just made up/feel goods stuff.  There are components of these oils that are actually doing something in our bodies to give us a boost in the right direction!  I need a little help with motivating myself to get my house work done, my researching done, my exercising done, my productive mothering done, you name it!  Oils like Lemon, Abundance, and Peppermint are used  either in the diffuser or rubbed on my chest and behind my ears in order to get myself up and moving!  I also grab myself a Ningxia Nitro for those REALLY hard days.


When I am using my oils on a daily basis, these are the ways I have gravitated towards for the majority of my body support.  That doesn’t mean I don’t use them for other reasons, but I could only pick 10 things (well, I chose to pick only 10 things).  I hope you found some inspiration to use your oils differently in this!  Step outside the box and try something new!


I used to be like....


Happy oiling!  Keeping Striving and Thriving y’all!

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