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Researching Essential Oils

All right my friends…it’s been about a month since I’ve posted on here.  (shame on me!)  I’ve been working hard at putting together a class about Spiritual Wellness, as well as putting together a class that hints at the frequency of essential oils and how that balances/promotes our frequency as living beings as well.  (It’s a great class, you gotta come to it!  Bring your skeptic friends, cause I want to wow them!)

I may have touched on this in my previous posts when I first started this blog, but I want to rehash this again…why am I plummeting into the organic and holistic life of Essential Oils?  Why am I going all “anti-medicine” and “anti-doctor” and “anti-healthcare??”  (Actually…I’m not…I have lots of nursing friends that I respect what they do greatly!  I know doctors that I trust with my life, and Kaylee’s life.  I am not saying I don’t appreciate what they do and I am not claiming that I know better than them.)

What I am claiming is this…Essential Oils are a natural alternative to the things we do on a daily basis.  They promote healthy functions of our bodies.  We aren’t able to claim anything beyond that.  We can study the science behind these oils, listen to people share their knowledge and expertise in areas we can’t even begin to understand!  And we can trust that, because we know that those people have studied in that field way more than we ever can.

There are things to be aware of when you are reading articles that oppose essential oils (I recently just watched a video of a pharmacist who shared some of these points)

Who is making the argument?

Young Living’s claim to be the world leader in essential oils can create some sour feelings from other companies that are trying to tear them down.  It’s important to consider the source of the argument and possibly how it came to be.  If that’s not possible, then it’s best to keep an open mind about the situation with caution instead of just latch down on that information as life-changing fact.

What product is being used?

SO MANY TIMES people will read an article about a certain oil and assume that it applies to every company’s product out there.  Please friends…NOT TRUE!  There are companies that make 100% synthetic oils from chemical plants.  There are companies that grow plants but don’t know the process behind how it’s being grown.  There are companies that fill their affordable bottles with synthetic fillers and only have 3% of the real oil in that bottle.  Some people state their claims based on an oil that was 100% synthetic, or mixed with a filler oil that may have cause more of the harm rather than the oil itself.  It’s easy to get scared about reading of a child dying because of an essential oil, but not know exactly what was used AND how much.  It’s okay to be cautious, but don’t automatically shut down the amazing properties of essential oils just because an author does not know how to effectively distinguish the product he used.

How was the product being used?

I will say this…the pure oils from Young Living are very concentrated.  They are potent, and should be handled with care.  Any harm done by carelessness is not something that should shun the whole company, please.  Essential oils should be treated with respect, just like anything else of high potency in your homes already.  15 ml does not seem like a lot of oil (if you see me with my little bottles, you may not really know why I would spend much for such little product) but I tell you there is SO MUCH quality packed in that little bottle that you would be amazed how far one drop gets you!  That being said, it’s foolish to take that whole bottle and drown myself in a bath with it…or pour it on my daughter!  THAT’S harmful.  It’s important to be wise about how to use an oil, and how an article tries to persuade the reader of it’s harm from foolishness.

Where did you find the evidence?

Okay, I admit…I’m guilty of Pinterest.  I search for how other people have found success in using certain essential oils for different functions.  I fall back on testimonials to offer me advice on how I can use a certain oil differently.   But, I don’t look to Pinterest for my source of information on science and chemistry of essential oils.  If I do, or if anyone does, I advise to be very careful.  Consider the source of the Pin, and research the author.  If it’s an oil-loving Mom like me…chances are you are more looking for testimonials and recipe ideas instead of credible explanations to support essential oils.  There are people like me all over the net from different companies doing exactly what I’m doing now.  They are all passionate and see results they are impressed and excited about!  Seek deeper than the lovers and dig into the researchers, the doctors, the pharmacists, the people who have studied the human body AND medicine AND can tell you first hand what is going on between it all.  If you come across a blog post like mine that offers advice, look for references that you can click on and read yourself.  Make sure you can find where they got their information.

Thanks for reading my rant.  As I mentioned above, I just watched a video of a highly-qualified pharmacist who posed questions about facts and myths between essential oils in the medicine world.  It kinda got me worked up.  😉  This is the product of my passion!

I hope it was beneficial, and it helped you all!  It’s good for me as well to keep in mind the credibility behind these articles and the overall process.  My prayer is that I always make sure of what I’m going to say on these topics, because I don’t want to lead anyone astray.

In everything you do, keep striving and thriving!  Love you all!

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