Striving Spiritually

Boots of Readiness

I finally get a moment where I can sit down with a thought in my mind worth blogging about.  I’ve had many of ideas and thoughts, but never really a good time to sit with undivided attention on what I’m doing.  Right now as I’m working with Pears making Pear Butter, Pear Sauce, and canning the rest all sliced up in jars, I can sit down and ponder a little of what’s been going in my head.  (it smells amazing in here by the way…so amazing…)

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot with Young Living.  I tried sales once before, but sadly had no passion or drive to continue with it.  The only thing going for me is that I live with the oils and enjoy finding new purposes for them and integrating them more into my family’s daily life.

I plan ahead on how I can share oils:

  • making sample bottles and labeling them
  • creating info cards on the oils that I attach ahead of time to sample pouches of oils
  • always making sure I have my business card and samples on hand wherever I go
  • making sure I have my oils pouch with me so I can be ready to use my oils around people
  • research different oils and purchase them myself to try and experience
  • brainstorm class ideas that people may be interested in

These are just a few ways I’ve been keeping myself on task with my business…and the dreaded thought came into my head just a few days ago…

Do I prepare myself to present the Gospel like I do my oils??? 

I was floored spiritually, because I wasn’t really in a place where I could fall flat on my face (the lady I cleaned for would have been slightly worried about me).  I had a good heart to heart with God and I still do.  It takes a lot of effort for me emotionally to approach anyone about something when I feel it’s not welcome with open arms.  This goes with ANYTHING.  I’m driven by words of affirmation, and if I don’t receive affirmation then I have to work really hard to push forward to do anything.  I give up really fast, or have to fight the urge to give up that much more.

I made a list of things that I do to be prepared to share my business…now what about my walk with Christ?  Is my faith a daily thing I’m living, and do I really wear the boots of readiness to present the Good News of Christ in my life?  I can honestly say that I don’t…and I probably don’t verbally nor with my actions anymore…it’s a sad truth.

But as my husband would say to me…”Now what are you going to do?”  (I honestly and deeply hate him asking this, because I know it’s the next step I need to take but I don’t want to…thankfully he’s tender and patient with me and eventually I take that next step…so thankful for him in my life)

Here is my list of what I am going to do to be prepared to share the Good News:

  • Stop complaining (I mean it…my heart’s focus needs to be on the good things above and not anything that will give the wrong impression of the Gospel)  Phil. 4:8
  • Devote time to God’s Word and worship Him every day
  • Make prayer my first resort with anything, big or small
  • Pray without ceasing (Remembering that God is with you always and acknowledging him in every part of your life)
  • Find accountability and encouragement in my Church family
    • (If you are not in a Church family, it will be hard to find accountability and encouragement that you need to keep pressing on in your walk with Christ)
    • Seeking group studies with individuals that can grow me more
  • Be open for any opportunity to share the love of God in action and encouragement
    • Being willing to give what I have to others
    • Verbally approaching someone to give encouragement
    • Personally approaching someone to right a wrong I have done and seek forgiveness

I easily find myself wishing I had this study back, or wishing I had this time to myself again…but really those are things that poison my faith instead of grow it.  It nurtures the seed of discontentment in my heart, and creeps into every aspect of my life…which then other people see in me.  I need to abolish anything that would be seen as less than glorifying to God.

Thankfully, I am human and I make mistakes.  I can’t do this perfectly, but Christ did already.  And he is on my side!!  (Hallelujah!)  What are you doing with your lives to be prepared for the Gospel?  I know I have a lot of things I need to correct, seek forgiveness, and bust through my comfort zone WAY more than Young Living ever will ask me to do.  Business only goes so deep…relationships require a depth on my heart that not only needs strength to approach, but also strength to be vulnerable and open with my whole being, and friends I stink at doing that!

Let’s really put on the boots of readiness to present the Gospel.  What does that look like for you?

I will leave you with one more thought I had…I heard this from a sermon that a friend was listening to while I was cleaning her place…it’s not a direct quote cause I remember it word for word, but the message is still there: “If you want the enemy to win, keep quiet.  If you want to fight against him, speak up about the Gospel.”

I love you all.  God bless.  And always, keep striving and thriving!



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