Striving Spiritually

My Need for Deep Waters

I close my eyes…

…I hear rushing waters. 

I feel the cool breeze wisp past my face. 

I smell the salty waves.  

I see, in the darkness around me, a radiant light of beaming colors swirling around itself.  

A voice calls me out.  He always does when I come here.  

He says “Come.”  So I do.  I step out of my little raft, and I walk.  I walk toward the colors of light.  I fall to my knees on the water, and I bow my head.  I smile, and I enjoy being there.  

This is how it usually went for me.  This is where I imagine myself going all the time when I wanted to draw close to God…only time has changed that.  Over time, it got less and less.  My desire to be there weakened, but I still found myself there eventually.

I want to share another story with you all…it’s about two sisters that invited Jesus into their home.  The one sister was running around frantic trying to get everything spic and span!  She was checking off her task list and making things comfortable for Jesus.  The other sister was sitting at Jesus’ feet, admiring him up close.  The first sister started to get upset and said her the other sister, “Why won’t you help me??”  Jesus said, “My child, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.”   (Paraphrased from Luke 10:38-42)  

Even though this is a story in the Bible, I am one of those sisters.  Sadly though, it’s not the one that Jesus is giving credit to.  I’m the frantic one, running around getting her check list done.  I’m the one that’s sitting at a distance when I have my quiet time (if I have my quiet time).  I’m the one who is thinking about doing everything else EXCEPT drawing close to God in stillness.

“But one thing is necessary.”  Is it?  Is it really necessary for me?

Three times in 2 days, that passage in Luke came up for me.  It was presented first on Wednesday night during a talk about prayer with our church youth group.  The second time was the next night as we started a women’s study about going deeper with God.  This passage was used to prepare us for the weeks ahead.  And finally (this one rocks my world), the third time was during the women’s study.  It was placed in a journal that was given to me from my in-laws a while back.  I turned the page to write in it, and there in the margins was that exact same passage.

“But one thing is necessary.”  Yes, yes it is.  And God has been trying to get my attention and call me to the feet of Jesus.

What changed?  Life has changed a lot for me, and some things have become higher priorities.  Things that should be priorities…just not over Jesus.

I have an enemy that is good at making my heart numb…where I don’t feel any joy to my Savior.  However, I have a stronger savior that WILL draw near to me when I call to Him, that’s a promise!

Again, I close my eyes…

The sound of the waves washing around me, 

The crisp air piercing to my core,

The voice calls again, “Come.”  

So I do.  I take a step…

And plummet down deep into the water.  I am not afraid.  

I asked God to take me deeper, and deeper He took me. 

I am surrounded in His Presence.  

I smile.  

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