Striving Spiritually

A Perfect Unnoticeable Distraction

Last night I was enjoying one of my favorite places to be during the week, and that’s with some amazing high school students at my church at Grace Baptist Church.  We are going through a study by Matt Chandler through Philippians.

Through this session, we were talking about Philippian 3:7-14, and then a little at Ephesians 1:3-6.  Awesome passages, I recommend you check them out!

Matt mentioned a few good points that I wrote down in this study:

  • -The Right way to struggle: pushing and running full-blown into Jesus
  • -The Wrong way to struggle, trying to continue the struggle yourself
  • -God takes us in our sin and filth and, through the cross, reaches down to wipe us clean with the blood of His Son, and says “Mine…You’re Mine.”

Those were all mind-blowing reminders (that’s why I wrote them down) but one thing made me cringe a little more in his talk.  It caused me to really think:

When you walk with Christ, there can’t be indifference.  If indifference happens, you can show people around you that you don’t know Christ.  

Indifference breaks relationships.  Indifference does not act in a world full of hate and corruption.  Indifference doesn’t just rob your joy…it ignores it.  Indifference isolates you.  Indifference is passive about what matters most.  Indifference is not what God intended for us.  Indifference is one of the perfect tools that Satan uses on us.  Why would he have to worry about someone that doesn’t do something?  Or worse yet, who doesn’t care to do anything?

I had to ask myself, am I indifferent?  Am I indifferent about my Jesus? Do people know I love Him?

What about you?  Is indifference seeping into your relationship with God?  What about your relationship with your family?  Friends?  Co-workers? Church community?  Many times we don’t even realize that our hearts are in that state.

The beauty (or ugliness) about indifference is it doesn’t feel wrong.  It usually doesn’t cause you to stop and think if you’re needing to change.  It’s not as drastic as hate where you feel guilty afterwards, nor is it as evident as sins like murder and stealing where we have enforced laws about it.  It is something that we can let slide and end up not caring about our consistent feelings of not caring.

So I urge you to go there with yourself and ask God, “Am I indifferent towards you?”  Because my friends, they will know we are Christians by our love.  Christ radically saved us by giving it all and claiming us as His.  Indifference is not what He wants in return.  He wants you to share in the joy and delight of knowing Him!

That’s how we, as Paul says in verse 14,  “…press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Let’s keep striving and thriving together.

I love you all.


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