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Moyer New Year’s Blog/Letter

Happy 2017 my social-media friends!  I have wanted to set out and do a Christmas letter, but just like many of my Pinterest ideas that I save and log away, it just didn’t happen.  So, instead I thought I’d try it out as a blog post for New Years.  Enjoy!

2016 was wonderful for our little family.  We had many of dreams, accomplishments, and memories that were made during this last year, and we can truly say that we’ve been blessed by God!

Harold continues to work as Production Manager at OMJC Signal down in Waterloo Iowa.  God provides many opportunities for Harold to be tried and tested, and this also allows Harold to be a beacon of God’s light in trying circumstances.  Harold also spends time working with his brother, Joseph.  They both do lawn care and tree removal in the warmer months, and snow removal during the winter months.  Harold also enjoys doing fabricating projects and helping to dream up new designs for front bumpers/cow catchers/deer killers.  He always seems to be expanding his skills and establishing new ideas for fabricating.

Kat continues to stay at home and take care of Kaylee as her full-time job.  However, she has gotten herself quite a few other jobs to keep life interesting.  She puts lots of effort into her newly developing business with Young Living Essential Oils.  Her efforts with Young Living have poured into her devotional life, where she feels God teaching her lots of life lessons along with her business lessons.  Kat also has established a schedule to have music lessons within her home, which helps to keep her music skills fresh in her mind.  Occasionally Kat also visits nursing homes and provides musical entertainment for local senior centers.  About every other week, Kat goes to visit an elderly friend’s home and takes a couple hours to clean around the house for her.  Kat likes to keep herself musically involved with worship at Grace Baptist Church, and both her and Harold continue to serve on Wednesday nights with the High School group called Pulse.  Kat has been interested in more Do-It-Yourself projects such as card making and creating natural alternatives in her daily routine using her essential oils.  She also helps her brother-in-law Joseph in his snow removal business, where her and Harold both ride around together clearing businesses and residential homes.  She mostly does the shoveling part.

Kaylee celebrated her first birthday in 2016.  She has grown up to become a very energetic and very helpful little lady!  She has lots of little animal friends that she likes to carry around and load up in boxes/baskets to take for rides around the house.  She also likes to cook in the kitchen and help Mommy stir things together.  She helps with washing the dishes and unloading the dishwasher.  Among many of the things that Kaylee enjoys doing, her favorite thing is probably eating.  She loves to snack!  Kaylee also loves people, and enjoys waving at them as they walk or drive by.  She has lots of words that she says, and continues to learn new things eagerly.  Some of her favorite phrases are “I got this,” “Thank you,” “Good morning!” “Some,” and she even likes to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with Mommy and Daddy.  She likes to watch Thomas and Friends, and she also loves to play with whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing, especially music.  Kaylee loves to dance around the house to music and play the piano in  2-3 minute spurts.  Both Kat and Kaylee look forward to play dates with friends from church.  Kaylee is beginning to use the big girl potty more and more, making both Mommy and Daddy proud with her progress.

The Moyers have done a little bit of traveling this year, going to South Dakota and Colorado within the summer months for family wedding celebrations.  Other than that and occasional traveling within the state, the Moyers tend to stay within the Readlyn area and keep busy with church activities at Grace Baptist in Waverly Iowa or other hobbies/jobs that may need to be done.

God continues to provide rich blessings in ways that are not always expected or even asked for, but His good and perfect plan is being accomplished despite our expectations.

May God bring blessings and joy to your family this coming year, and in His love reveal to you all the abundant nature that He richly bestows on His beloved!

We love you all!  Happy New Year!

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