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“New Year, New You” My way, YL Style

With the new year comes remembering, reflections, and resolutions.  Although I believe that you don’t have to wait til the new year to change something, it naturally becomes a time when we all sit back and think about what happened last year and what we are NOT going to repeat next year.  🙂  This is not a bad thing, and it’s one that we tend to take advantage of.

Resolutions happen, and they break almost faster than they are made.  Why is that?  Is it because we don’t realize how much work it actually IS to make that change?  Is it because we don’t have the support we wish we had?  Is it because we forgot how bad we wanted it?  Bottom line, we have a way out and an excuse leading us away from our goal.  Some need a gradual change, others go cold turkey and make it all or nothing.  Whatever is your method, you need to stick to your guns.  I am not perfect in this, but I have a sign on my fridge.  It’s the biggest thing you’ll see on display:  “If you really want something, you’ll find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse.” –Jim Rohn.  With me, working out is always a “priority,” but it’s not always one that I do like I want.  I know I want to be better, but somedays I don’t act like I want to be better.  There’s an excuse that’s greater than my goal.

That’s why resolutions break.

In everything in life, you have a choice.  You can choose to do what you need to, or come up with a reason why you can’t.  You can push through the tough days, or quit because you really didn’t want to work that hard.  All in all, you CAN achieve your dreams.  Many times, causes you to quit is yourself.

That being said, I want to give you guys a few oily ideas on how to let Young Living help you keep going in your goals.  When I think of changes, it’s mostly health related and these oils are what I fall on to help in meeting those goals:

Pre workout: Awaken, Lemon, RC (diffuse or rub on chest/wrists)

Post Workout: Wintergreen, PanAway, Peppermint, Copaiba, Ginger (apply topically on location: dilution recommended)

Some other changes that I usually ponder are emotional blocks/reactions that I have. I am not always aware of these, but when I realize that I have a problem somewhere, I try to use my devotional life primarily to bring about this change.  My oils that I fall on to help in this area are: Frankincense, Elemi, Valor/Valor II (bottoms of feet), Joy (over heart), Ylang Ylang (wrists), Lavender…that’s all I can remember at this point.  I’m sure if I went to my oil stash I could add another few on this list.  Many of these oils I diffuse as I am doing my devotions and/or praying over my areas of concern.   That doesn’t always happen in my quiet time either.  Many times I take my Joy blend out and rub it on in public when I need a little reminder of a better attitude that can be obtained.

What if your goals are to drop the chemical products and find natural ways of cleaning?  I can share with you what Young Living has to offer here!  Based on the Thieves blend, these products are a life savor for me!  I’m truly a fan of the Household cleaner, and use that quite a bit!  It’s concentrated and versatile, perfect for diy cleaners!

Bottom line my friends, is that if you have something in mind and you know you really should be doing it, don’t talk yourself out of it.  If you know that making this change can only do good things for you, what’s stopping you?  What other than yourself is stopping you?  What excuses get in your way, and how can you stop those excuses from taking over your life?  Grab an accountability partner.  Stick verses and motivating quotes all over your house to get you moving.  Think of what you are doing and how that will affect your future.  Whatever it takes to do what you know needs to be done, do it!  Take your life back, do the hard thing, and thank yourself for it later.  Since it’s the new year, it’s just as good a time as any.  Let Young Living help you make your goals a success.  I’d be happy to show you how.  =)

Love you all.  Let’s kick 2017 off right together!  Here’s to another year of striving and thriving!

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