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A Monday of Restocking Needs

I did the unthinkable….I mean really…how could I allow this to happen???  Oh dear…I ran out of Thieves Household Cleaner…trembling tracks!!  (Just a Thomas and Friends Quote that I’ve been hearing…a lot)

Thankfully, I processed my order today to refill that, but I was a little shy of the stuff in order to make my dishwasher tablets.  I had to modify the recipe, which is good because you can make a variety of combinations based around a solid few ingredients and still get a decent home-made product.

We had a problem of residue on the dishes for a while…but then realized that we needed to refill our softener salt.  Problem solved!

What I really love about making diy homemade products with Young Living is that I can have my little girl help me!  She LOVES to stir!  This morning, Kaylee helped me stir up my dishwasher tablets mix and helped me pour them into ice cube trays to dry and harden before I stored them to use as needed.  It is so nice to not have to worry about her with my cleaning supplies!  (I still need to supervise so she doesn’t spill it all over her clothes and eat it like it was cookie dough…I want to be able to use everything that I can out of this!)

Otherwise, it is not a problem for Kaylee to dip her fingers in and smell it while she leans over the bowl to examine her very delicate job.  We just make sure we wipe her hands afterwards.

In my batch, I use:

  • 1 Cup Washing Soda
  • 1 Cup Borax (there is a lot of debate on if this is actually safe…in my searching I have not found anything to question the safety of this as long as I don’t ingest this in large amounts)
  • About 1/2 Capful of Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 10 drops Young Living Lemon EO
  • About 1 Cup of Vinegar


  • Mix the dry ingredients together, and the liquid in a separate bowl.  The total amount of the liquid should be 1 Cup.  Slowly add the liquid to the dry mix (it will foam and smell AMAZING).  Store in ice cube trays and let sit for about 2 hours (or until fully hardened.)  I store mine in the refrigerator.

It seems to be more work, but it’s so worth it!  It saves me money and gives me a peace a mind.  Not to mention it makes for a fun (and safe) activity with Kaylee in the kitchen!

When I get my Household Cleaner back in this house, I’ll be ready to stock up my cabinet again with different strengths of cleaning sprays, scrubs, and I’ll be ready to add this in my next batch of dishwasher tablets!  Yahoo!!

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