Striving Spiritually, Striving with the Biz

Good People with Money Do GREAT Things

We are back and rolling with the blogging again.  It’s something that I have not been good at in the past, but I feel it is important for myself to get a blog in at least once a week.  Today, I want to share a perspective about money that’s rather new to me.


How many of us have heard this phrase before?  How about this verse?

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”  ~Matthew 6:24~

I’m sorry, but when I read these verses a while ago I had automatically thought that money was evil, and if I had lots of money I’d forget God and worship the money I was receiving.  I had this awful assumption that anyone with lots of money didn’t really understand the sacrifice it takes to follow Jesus.  Working towards lots of money was greedy, and sinful.  Seeking more than I needed was wrong.  I know some of my friends that could read this would think “Well, you’re right!”  while others would say “Hey, I’m offended!”  I know right now that my heart is not this hard, and I do not judge anyone with little or lots of money in their pocket books.  Here is another verse I want to direct you to.  It’s 1 Timothy 6:10:

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.”

Oh shucks, the statement in the beginning was right…money is the root of all…wait.  *rereads*

“For the LOVE OF MONEY is a root of all kinds of evils.”

Let me tell you a phrase that really hit my heart recently:

Bad people with money do worse things.  Good people with money do great things.

For those that have been on Facebook or in person with me these past months, you know that my path has been with a multi-level marketing group called Young Living Essential Oils.  I’ve loved every journey with this company.  The products are great, the people are wonderful, and the spiritual lessons are countless.  I have no regrets.

I’ve listened to a few professionals that motivate and educate on this type of work, and one of them had used the above phrase.  I never forgot it.  I wrestled with it.  It changed my outlook on obtaining and working towards money.  It didn’t change the scripture passage for me, but it changed how I read that passage from Matthew 6.  I can serve God AND have a profit of money.  Yes!  I can do it!  The difference?  I’m not serving the money.  I’m serving the God who gave me the money and I’m USING IT for HIS GLORY!

My heart sang for joy! For so long I’d thought it was wrong to work hard and have extra cash.  I thought it was greedy.  For some, it is.  I don’t judge your hearts.  That’s between you and God.  However, I had to judge my own.  I had to think long and HARD about why I was wanting to make a profit.  Why did I want the money?  Why did I feel drawn to the profits that so many of my new friends have received abundantly?  Was I wanting to be rich and famous for selfish gain, or was I truly wanting to make a difference in the lives of other people?

I will always wrestle with this.  I will need to find myself before the throne of God daily to make sure my heart is right with Him during this journey I am on.  If you are on a journey similar to this, I encourage you to practice this same reflection in silence.  Do you love money or God?  Who is your master?  If your master is God, it’s not wrong to have lots of money.  If your master is money…well…you can draw a conclusion to that statement.

How you can pray for me

Pray that I give God solitary silence on a daily basis.  Pray that I never lose sight of whose money it really belongs to, and pray that God places needs on my heart that I will be able to meet once He abundantly blesses me and those around me.

Have you ever sat and thought about what you could do to change the world if you had the ability to?  If you have the money to?  We can do so much with just a smile, yes.  With a gentle hand of hospitality to a family in need, yes.  This is all wonderful!  I am not neglecting these acts of love for sure…but what about adopting children who need a home?  What about donating the funds needed to an organization you believe in?  What about making a difference for children in other countries who need shoes to walk to school?  What about educating and supporting women to keep their babies, or saving girls who need to be reminded of their worth in God?  What about abolishing sex trafficking?  What breaks your heart?  What if you could be abundantly blessed that your family would reap the benefits of that blessing for years to come? If you had the money, would you want to bless more and more than you can right now?  I know so many loving friends of mine with such deep, heart-felt passions…ones that just make me tear up when I think of how big their hearts are for the needy.  They use what they have to bring joy and happiness to others…it’s not much, but they give so willingly.  If they had more money, I know where that money would go.  Do you wish you could give more?  Is that your drive?  YOU are the kind of people I want to talk to.  You are the people I want to see receive abundance!  You are the people that make my heart sing with praise!   People need help, people need answers.  People need God’s love.  Let’s fill their cups till it overflows with God’s abundance!

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…” ~Phil. 1:3~

Your hearts are so beautiful.  How can I help you give more?  Be my reminder why I’m doing what I’m doing, and I’d love to do it with others with the same drive as I have.  Help me to help you make a difference today!

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