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A Spray for ANY Occasion!

I’m not a huge fan of shopping all the time.  I have never really been into shoe shopping, cause really…who NEEDS that many pairs of cute dress shoes?  To each his own I guess, and I’m not judging by any means…but to be personal here, give me 2 or 3 nice shoes that can go with about anything that I’m about to wear and I’m set.  I love it when I can shop for something that will go with ANYTHING.  LulaRoe clothing is super comfy and amazing, but I can’t bring myself to buy all those crazy leggings.  It’s neat to see other people wearing them, and I am truly amazed when those people can find something that actually matches that design!  It’s a talent, truly.  I don’t have that.  For me, I choose the single-color leggings, no exotic design.  Why?  Cause I LOVE versatility!  I love it when I can only own a few things and make tons of different outfits with them.  It’s what makes me who I am.

Same with other gadgets.  Why would I want to buy so many things to clutter my kitchen when a handy, dandy, simple knife can do it?  Or a blender?  I’m not a fan of NOT having a place to put things in my kitchen, and I’m REALLY not a fan of taking up space with things that I am not using on a regular basis.  Now, I do have junk and things that clutter in my house.  It does wear on me, and I tend to have moments of frantic desperation where I turn into wonder woman and some of that junk just supernaturally disappears.  Thankfully it’s coming to garage-sale season…

Clutter stinks (sometimes literally), but what doesn’t stink is when I invest in things that I can use for multiple purposes!  Essential oils are exactly that.  One bottle of Young Living Lemon EO is used for so many things in my home:

  • produce soaking
  • weight management
  • happy gut and respiratory system (Lemon Vitality)
  • general cleaning
  • mood lifter
  • flavor enhancer (Lemon Vitality)
  • gum remover
  • foaming hand soap ingredient

Just to name a few.  One of my favorite ways to test the versatility of essential oils is to make things out of them that I can use for many purposes.  Sprays are a wonderful place to start!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Get yourself a really cute looking spray bottle, add a few drops of essential oil (I usually do 3-5 drops in a 2 oz bottle), fill it the rest of the way with water and you’re off and running!  I am always a fan of Amazon shopping, so this is what I usually get.  Depending on what oil you choose, you can expand your list of uses!  For example, I’ll name a few oils and share how I’d use that spray!


  • Annoyance-free outdoors
  • Odor control
  • Skin Health
  • Linen Spray
  • Car freshener


  • Before-bed Pillow Spray
  • Linen Spray
  • Air Freshener
  • Mattress Spray for kiddos
  • Spray the bottoms of doors in warmer months
  • Skin Support for “Ouch” moments


  • Feeling groggy, need something besides caffeine
  • Cooling Mist
  • Deterring armies of little pests
  • Mouth Freshener (Peppermint Vitality)


  • Purifying spray for any surface
  • Throat Spray (Thieves Vitality)
  • Air Cleaner
  • Hand Spray



Again, just to name a few.

I got to participate in my first vendor fair over here in Iowa, and it was so much fun!  I offered little spray bottles for people to make right there at the table, and it was a hit!  I enjoyed explaining to people what they could do with the one bottle they made.  It was amazing!  I will most likely be doing the same thing again at my next vendor event later this month!


So, to my swiss-army-knife peeps out there who want one thing to get the most jobs done right, here’s to YOU!

Keep on striving and thriving!



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