Striving Spiritually

The Great Saga, Final Night


Teenagers and young adults running around a church sanctuary with faces COMPLETELY covered with random shapes, colors, and designs while no one says a word…this is the Mime.  For about 1 hour and 15 minutes, we have a drama set to music that portrays our story.  It’s about how God created something so beautiful, how we “messed it up,” and how God conquers our mistakes to bring victory for all eternity.  The story is beautifully written and wonderfully portrayed.

Tonight is the last night for our Mime.  It’s the last performance we have for this season.  Of all the years I’ve been part of this, I’ve never seen or felt such opposition toward this ministry.  But also, I’ve never felt such Peace and contentment at the same time.  God has reminded me many times this year that the Mime ministry is His and no one else’s.  No one can make it happen without His consent, and no one can make it stop without His consent.  My God has chosen to keep this going for yet another year, and I was blessed to see first hand how He was keeping it strong.

As I was preparing and reflecting for this last show, I got curious if others on the Mime team were learning the same lessons that I was.  If not, what was God revealing to them?  It amazes me when I think that one situation could be used in multiple ways for multiple people.

At the end of each Mime season, I start to think towards the next one.  Will God bless the ministry to go another year?  What will the team (cast and tech) look like that time?  What will the theme be?  I’m always intrigued to see how God keeps using and growing this ministry.

As much as we would like the Mime to be a ministry to grow and encourage the audience, I find that the people directly involved are the ones that this ministry really speaks to.  Every other weekend we get together to not just fellowship, but we open our eyes to experience the story of Christ.  We are rehearsing a story that’s true.  We are digging into the characters of people that were really there with Christ.  What people see in one night, the cast have been praying over for months.  There are people who see the show and their lives are changed, and that’s powerful stuff!  I’m not trying to belittle that aspect of the Mime in any way.  However, there is a lot of discipleship and deeper understanding that happens during the practices and preparing for those shows.  There is something about not just seeing the adulterous woman, but actually BEING the adulterous woman.  There is something about not just seeing Jesus, but BEING Jesus.  It’s a ministry that through the preparations, there is time for growth and strengthen faith as a community.  It’s a powerful ministry with multiple purposes.

So for those of you that are local and haven’t been to a show yet, I’d encourage you to check this one out.  It’s free with childcare provided.  You’ll love the opportunity to see God’s story unfold in a unique way.

For those that are coming, I hope and pray that it will bless your socks off.  🙂

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