Striving at Home, Striving Spiritually

Tears of Joy from a Bathroom

As a mother, the only time I really get to myself is when Kaylee is down for a nap.  Otherwise, she’s with me everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE in this house.  I wouldn’t change it for the world, and it’s great to see how this little girl explores things and just how much of a sponge she really is!

I got to share Kaylee with family as we were visiting my parents for Easter this weekend.  As Kaylee was playing and being supervised by someone else, I had that moment that I could take advantage of a private restroom break.  During this time, I found myself realizing that I hadn’t really pondered the blessings of Easter.  We’d been to my parents’ church and listened to a great sermon about the credibility of the resurrection, but I hadn’t really sat and reflected on that during this holiday.  I know the resurrection is valid and it makes me a new being through Christ Jesus.  I know the resurrection is the staple of our Christian faith.  I know the resurrection is real for me every day.  But I hadn’t given myself a moment to stand before God and tell him “Thank you” this holiday season.

So in the restroom of my parents’ home, I was brought to tears as I named off what seemed like countless joys and blessings.  I was humbled by how blessed I felt with what I have for a family.  I was overcome with joy to be where I am.  I didn’t deserve anything I have, and I certainly didn’t deserve to be forgiven by the Creator Himself.

Sometimes we (myself included) feel like we are entitled to more.  We work so hard to upgrade what we already have.  We make a legacy with what we have down here, not necessarily what we will leave behind.  I had to ponder if my legacy was going to be left behind and rot when I was gone, or if it would be one that lives on.  Is my legacy building stuff, or moments?  Is my legacy going to have resentment and unspoken words that are too late to express, or will my legacy involve fearless love shared in good timing?

That’s what the resurrection makes me think about.  It gives me understanding that there is more to living this life than just living.  It makes me want to do more.  It makes me want to be more than just a passive passenger waiting for the journey to be done.

In my parents’ bathroom, my heart was filled with joy and wonder at how blessed I am with what I have.  I realized that this joy and appreciation is what I want to teach my children.  I want them to be thankful not for the stuff they have, but the people they have around them.  Toys will break and they will outgrow clothes, but family lasts as long as God allows them to be around.  Stuff will fade, people are eternal.  What matters isn’t what stuff people give my children, but what time and moments my children take away from being with them.  I’m not saying you can’t give gifts to my kids.  That’s fun too for sure!  But just realize that for me and my household, we are changed by the resurrection in thinking that there is more to life than just stuff.  It’s the people that make a legacy worth building.  Being renewed in Christ means that we no longer try to find our treasures on earth but are beginning to build our treasures in Heaven.

How does the resurrection change you?

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