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So I’m Pregnant…Now What?

Going on 17 weeks with this little one, and I’m thinking it’s about time that I share what I’m doing with my Young Living products while I’m pregnant.

Each woman is different and uses their oils in ways other women aren’t considering or comfortable with.  That’s okay.  The main thing I want you to do is feel empowered on what you feel is right for you and your baby.  Seek medical advice above all else, and don’t do what you don’t think you should be doing with your growing addition to the family.  If using certain oils makes you feel uncertain, don’t do it.  On the other hand, you don’t want to be completely care free and just throw everything on like you’re invincible either.  Educate yourself and stay within a safe space for essential oil usage.

I’d measure myself to be more on the conservative side for sure with using oils, at least compared to what I’ve heard from other mom’s that use essential oils.  I may be even more free and use more than other women would be comfortable using.  It’s not wrong by any means.

When it comes to cleaning, I use everything I normally do.  Whatever oils I want to add to my laundry detergent, I do it.  Lemongrass, Abundance blend, Lemon, Purification, Peace & Calming…whatever I’m in the mood for!  Same with my homemade dish detergent.  I usually just use Lemon EO and/or Orange EO, but sometimes I may add Thieves in that as well.  I use my Thieves Cleaner everywhere still without worry about breathing in toxic fumes while I’m cleaning.  Since I’m not applying it topically all over my body, I’m a little more lenient with what oils I will use.

However, when it comes to my other DIY products that I’ve made that are for personal care, I’ve chosen to be a little more cautious.  I will use oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, and Tea Tree without much concern.  Before I was pregnant, I’d sometimes slather Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Thieves in my products.  Now, I’ve chosen to dilute Thieves and use it in a roll-on when it’s needed.  I’ve left the other two out of my products all together (except I still have Cedarwood in a hair spray that I made and put in my hair after a shower).   I’ve seen these two oils (among a few others) on a list of essential oils to use with caution during pregnancy.  Basically, I don’t put them in everything I use, and I choose to use them more sparingly.  And I don’t put them on neat either!  My personal choice.

What I do love to do, is take Frankincense, Lavender, and the Gentle Baby blend from Young Living and rub them on my tummy.  I don’t do this everyday (cause honestly, with baby brain can you remember something consistently enough to make it a routine???)  I also apply the Frankincense to my face with coconut oil after using my scrub and foaming face wash on it.  It really improves the appearance of my skin and gives it a nice healthy glow (or maybe that’s the pregnancy glow showing).

Lavender is so calming and gentle that I have no problem using this neat as it’s needed.  Mostly it’s part of my “okay-let’s-try-to-calm-down-and-get-some-sleep” routine.  Neat on the feet, I’m passed out…how sweat!

I’m also a fan of the NingXia…yup yup.  The Young Living Wolfberry energy shot (literally take mine in a shot glass some days!)  NingXia Red is probably the only thing I’ve got down to a daily routine (aside from brushing my teeth and brushing my hair…well, I’m exaggerating with brushing my hair I guess).  Kaylee gets her “juice” in the morning, then it’s water and milk the rest of the day!

There are some things I’ve brought in to my routine slowly, and at a much less frequency as is even said on the label.  Progessence Plus is one of them.  I maybe use one drop of this every other day on my wrists.  I only started this one about 4-5 days ago.  If you haven’t used a certain oil product before you were pregnant, it would be wise to seek medical advice before hand, and start slowly.  I’m no medical expert.  Even though I’m a lover of oils and love to educate on toxins and chemical clean up that our bodies need, I’m not someone to talk to about whether or not your body needs certain products…especially during your pregnancy!  I’m responsible for my body and my baby, and I’m making choices only for those two beings (I suppose toddler daughter and husband can be included in that list as well).

As well as medical advice, I’d seek the advice of my heavenly Father.  I’d ask for wisdom to know what I should and shouldn’t be doing with this pregnancy.  I’ll tell you, when I was carrying Kaylee, I was EVERYWHERE.  Doing my job, on my feet constantly, always moving, exercising frequently, doing everything that I could up til labor.  Even after she was born I felt like a powerhouse.  This time, my heart is more cautious.  Even with things going well, I don’t have the green light in my heart yet to go at it like Wonderwoman on steroids…and that’s okay.  I want to listen to that.  It’s there for a reason.  I had a scare with bleeding a few weeks ago, and I’m not over that yet.  Things looking good, but it’s okay to not jump into turbo mode and run a marathon.  Actually, that’s not a good idea.

What I want to be empowered to do more than anything in my pregnancy, is to trust my body and the signs it’s giving me.  I don’t want to fall on the medical field more than I need to.  They are wonderful, don’t get me wrong, and I’m so glad they are here today.  But there was something powerful in being in full control of my labor, feeling each contraction to the fullest, knowing exactly what my body was doing and when it was ready to bring my daughter into this world.  It was the most traumatic moment of my life, but the most empowering.  I felt the most accomplished and proud to be made a woman in that moment.  I remember thinking about bearing children and what labor would feel like…and I remember being so scared of it.  I remember having those same feelings when I was carrying Kaylee, but those feelings didn’t last long.  It was what God created us to be.  I wasn’t above the medical field in that moment, but I was the most in-tune with my body during my 9 hours of labor.  It was amazing.

I’m striving for that again.  I’m praying for wisdom and peace in this pregnancy, and I’m doing only what I feel like I can do for my body and heart to be the best it can be.  Never stop asking questions, never become ignorant of greater things, and never forget who you were created to be.  That’s what I’m striving and thriving for in my pregnancy.

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