DIY Recipes

Take That Insects!

I love a good DIY project now and then, but what I REALLY like is finding one that works flawlessly!  Experimentation is super fun with my oils, but it gets discouraging if the combinations I make or measurements are strong enough for the oil to really do its magic.  I’m thrilled to hear friends of mine that found success in mixing their own concoctions.  I ask for their recipes and prepare to make my own version.

Sadly, this post isn’t necessarily about a recipe for insect repellent.  I’m gonna tell you that Young Living already concocted this, AND got the permission needed to actually call it “Bug Repellent.”  Otherwise I’d be making something and calling it “Outdoor Annoyance-Free Spray” or “Bugs-No-Likey-This-Stuff” (not enough label space for that name)

Because we are in prime time for bugs and annoying little friends that aren’t exactly good at developing friendly relationships, I gave in from making my own spray and snagged the new item that Young Living came out with.  I figured that this was worth a shot.

Last night after our little toddler went to bed, we went outside and lit a fire.  I took the Insect Repellent and rubbed some on my arms, legs, neck and chest.  I didn’t put any on anyone else.  I wanted to see how this stuff worked.

Untitled design (6)

As I sat outside, reclined back in a cozy chair next to the warm fire, my husband sat on the ground in front of me for the same purpose.  He nuzzled close to my legs and rested his head by my knees.  My brother-in-law and his wife were sitting next to us.  For some time we sat outside, and not a single bug had come close to me.  At first I didn’t think it was a buggy night.  Harold even said that he felt the bugs weren’t so bad outside.  After some time passed, my brother-in-law says “Can we go inside?  I’m getting eaten alive.”  I was surprised.

After we went inside, I not only concluded that the repellent worked, but I also realized that it repelled bugs away from the people right next to me too.  It was wonderful!  This pregnant chick wasn’t on the menu tonight for those annoying little pests.  I found my secret weapon for enjoying the outdoors annoyance free!

It’s a simple tool to use, but it helped me to forget about the bugs to focus on the beauty of outside: the simple warmth of a small fire, the sunset, and good family for company.  It’s amazing how much you miss and forget when little things come and take away those moments from you.  Seems my theme that God is teaching me this weekend was “What is sucking the Joy from your life?”


I feel like that’s a lesson I’ll always keep learning.


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