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20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring

Back at it this week with a fitting topic on how you can use your essential oils to the fullest!  Spring Cleaning!  We fill our homes so much with all those chemical cleaners.  When we think we're cleaning the air and appliances around us, we are actually poisoning ourselves more!  Here's how you can get… Continue reading 20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring

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A Monday of Restocking Needs

I did the unthinkable....I mean could I allow this to happen???  Oh dear...I ran out of Thieves Household Cleaner...trembling tracks!!  (Just a Thomas and Friends Quote that I've been hearing...a lot) Thankfully, I processed my order today to refill that, but I was a little shy of the stuff in order to make my… Continue reading A Monday of Restocking Needs

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“New Year, New You” My way, YL Style

With the new year comes remembering, reflections, and resolutions.  Although I believe that you don't have to wait til the new year to change something, it naturally becomes a time when we all sit back and think about what happened last year and what we are NOT going to repeat next year.  🙂  This is… Continue reading “New Year, New You” My way, YL Style

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Moyer New Year’s Blog/Letter

Happy 2017 my social-media friends!  I have wanted to set out and do a Christmas letter, but just like many of my Pinterest ideas that I save and log away, it just didn't happen.  So, instead I thought I'd try it out as a blog post for New Years.  Enjoy! 2016 was wonderful for our… Continue reading Moyer New Year’s Blog/Letter

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Busting with Nutrition!

December is going to be starting up here in a few days...which is INSANE!!  Harold and I keep saying that 2016 went way too fast!  I'm told that it doesn't go any slower, and with Kaylee the years will just fly by.  I'm feeling it already, and want to hold on to the moments just… Continue reading Busting with Nutrition!